Working Effectively in Small Teams: 4 Month Immersive Virtual Reality Learning Program

If you are interested in beginning to embody new, more effective ways to engage and work with others, and wish to experience more individualized conversations and exercises, we offer a four-month online interactive program utilizing virtual environments and VOIP (voice over Internet protocol). By combining these tools with our proven theoretical framework and guided discussions, we have put together a Virtual Reality Learning Laboratory that makes possible a new kind of pedagogy that is freed from the bounds of time and space, and that creates a complex social network within which students can learn new abilities while in action with others.

In our world today, we must work with other people to take care of our concerns and to achieve results that we could not achieve by ourselves. The focus of this program is to increase each participant’s ability to continuously invent their world with others, and to become more effective in the way they lead or otherwise contribute to the teams in which they participate in their lives.

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  • Participants in our program are assigned to work in virtual teams, and in the process of engaging with each other, they discover what works and what does not work in the way they interact with one another to complete their missions, and together, they begin to learn how to build a succesful team.  In addition to working in virtual teams, participants also read assigned readings, prepare brief written responses, participate in group discussions, including discussions with our Founder, Dr. Fernando Flores, and engage in one-on-one discussions with members of our delivery team.  As a result of participating in this program, our students don't simply learn new terminology and distinctions; they begin to acquire new skills that enable them to build strong, trusting relationships and succesful teams. More specifically, in just a few hours a week over the course of four months, participants learn to:

  • Build strong teams that are focused around shared missions
  • Lead more effectively.
  • Become a more effective and collaborative team player.
  • Eliminate waste caused by miscommunications, lack of coordination, redundancies and missed opportunities.
  • Listen more effectively to the concerns of others.
  • Observe moods, and learn to take action that will shift moods that may hinder your team’s capacity to fulfill its mission.
  • Build, cultivate and repair trust with others, including with people from different countries and cultures.
  • Begin to build emotional fortitude and flexibility to resolve conflicts that invariably arise, and to navigate constant change and uncertainty as a routine part of life.
  • Create strong, long-lasting and more flexible networks.

     Join us for the opportunity to learn these new skills in a lively, hands-on, interactive environment.
    We look forward to playing with you!


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