Conference Testimonial 4 month Program

In multiple programs with working professionals on both coasts of the United States, in Europe, Latin America and Asia, the results have been encouraging and exciting for everyone involved.

Chris Wiesinger, Principal Business Solution Architect

[T]hese are all things you could read about, and someone could lecture you on. But the WEST experience of combining reading, real experience practicing new skills, and then debriefing afterwards... creates a far more palpable, visceral experience than one could get by reading or hearing about it in theory. And that’s why I’d very much recommend participating in a course like this. It literally opens up a new world for you, and sets you on a path for cultivating the skills and sensibilities we need to achieve successful outcomes in pluralistic networks.

Patricio Carmash, Business Director, Country Manager

The WEST program enabled me to learn skills that allow me to work more efficiently on global, remote and multidisciplinary teams by breaking down the barrier of language and culture.  I am now more able to generate open conversations within my teams, to create trust, and to build positive moods that help to achieve our goals more effectively.  And, I am having more fun.

Tony Carew, Business Improvement Consultant

My experience in the WEST program was one of profound learning not only within the context of leadership and followership within pluralistic networks, also within life itself. This program is deeply human.  You think differently about yourself as a leader, you gain new insights into language and relationships, and into the cultural and historical narratives people live in and how this plays out in team life. Most of all, you practice this in a space provided by the WEST team that allows you to take risks and learn.

Paul Marshall, PhD., Consultant

The WEST program has provided me with insights and helped me develop new practices that deliver benefits that extend far beyond the teams I work with on a day-to-day basis.  The key difference that I see offered by the WEST program is the regular opportunity to meaningfully practice the necessary skills and then reflect and provide feedback to the other members of your team.  The ability to build and maintain trust with people from different countries and cultures is critical in any business environment today.  The program provided an opportunity for me to work with people from all over the world and created an environment in which underlying (and often unidentified) cultural differences can be discovered, explored and shared in such a ay that they form the foundation for a stronger and more effective team.  This program is different.  It will challenge you in ways you never imagined.  Your friends and colleagues may not understand how it works but they will see the difference in your ability to lead or otherwise contribute to the teams in which you participate.

Justin Bold, Consultant

The WEST programme has changed my life. The coaches, the platform and the managerial philosophy combine in a unique way to create a learning experience that stands proud of conventional leadership/followership courses.

I feel indebted to the coaches who provided timely wisdom and advice. I feel privileged to have had access to the simulated learning environment where I could test in real time the coaches' (and fellow programme participants') recommendations. My confidence built quickly in areas of weakness - to which I was previously blind.

Applying the learnings was immediate. With the assistance of one of the WEST coaches I introduced new practices into a large project for a world leading mining giant. The team environment was noticeably different within weeks.

It's also important to add that I interact with my wife and family differently. I also interact with my own thoughts differently and the positive effects this has had is a blessing.

Michele Gazzolo, Writer, Investor, Community Activist

I am a mother, writer, investor and community activist. The WEST course has fundamentally changed how I live my life. Armed with a new understanding of teams and myself as a leader, a renewed sense of play and an ambition to hone basic skills, I am able to assess new situations with confidence and ease. I can figure out what is missing, with whom I need to confer and what I may not know. I am unfazed. If I want to embark on a project or learn something new, I first consider whom I would like to invite on the adventure. I invite people every day the time to speculate, build, discover, and figure out what is puzzling us. Out of these new practices my life is becoming richer, the puzzles less daunting, the pervasive mood one of joy and adventure. Thank you, WEST team.

Dan Hoffman, CEO

I am CEO of a tech firm that grew this year from 100 to 200 employees.  Most of my senior team participated in Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST).  After the program, we are exchanging candid feedback more skillfully and with less hesitation.  Our conversations more often lead to concrete action.  We are moving faster together.  I think WEST has impacted our performance more than almost any other undertaking this year.  I have renewed confidence that my team can grow our business even faster.  

David Hassell, CEO

I participated in Fernando Flores's WEST program over the summer of 2011.  Through prior study, I had already become familiar with the distinctions taught regarding conversations for action, and had learned all of the theory and philosophy behind them.  However I assessed I had yet to embody this learning in a way that had me show up as an effective participant and leader of small teams.

By using a virtual world and creating a structure where we could immediately put these distinctions and learning into action, complete with real scenarios and emotions that go along with it, I was able to dramatically increase my self-awareness and skill in operating in small teams.  Many other programs I've participated in give you the theory, but leave it to you to apply what you've learned in the real world, complete with all of the risks and consequences that come along with acting as a beginner in situations that matter.  With WEST, we were able to practice our learning in a safe environment that was realistic enough to product real learning, but where real-life consequences were minimized.

I strongly recommend this program to any individual or team that wants to increase their effectiveness at producing competitive outcomes in a world that's moving increasingly faster, and that requires us to coordinate more and more with people who do not share our specific cultural backgrounds and values.


Eric Williams, Former NFL player

When my father suggested I take the course, I agreed to it, solely on his credibility with me, [but] ... I didn't know what I was getting into. All I knew was, they help develop leadership skills, build teams, via playing World of Warcraft. So, since I played 10 years in the NFL, won a Super Bowl and know my way around an Xbox. I was going to enjoy teaching these executives, what REAL team concepts were all about. Plus, get to kick a little butt, playing video game, just for giggles. Needless to say, it didn't happen the way I envisioned. And if I wasn't laughing so hard at myself right now, I'd be crying. In the beginning, it was humbling and painful. In the end, the knowledge takeaway on myself as well as leadership/coordinating action, was worth every cent and time invested. The Greek Goddess Nike, probably could say it best...Just do it! 


Brenda Parent, Partner Development Manager & Small Business Owner

The WEST Program has allowed me to create conversations for action that I didn't realize were possible prior to the course.  I entered the course reluctantly, feeling as though I already worked effectively in small virtual teams.  I left the course realizing that what I was doing wasn't "working."  My career, marriage, friendships and relationships with my family and now friends from across the globe have become richer.

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