Conference Testimonial 4 month Program

In multiple programs with working professionals on both coasts of the United States, in Europe, Latin America and Asia, the results have been encouraging and exciting for everyone involved.

Jim Clark, Commercial Real Estate Investment Manager

All of the elements I expected going into the program were there.  The method of guided self-discovery used in the course is so much more powerful than transfer of cognitive information about what I ‘should’ be doing.   The program’s environment (course design, staff and team members) led to what felt like self discovered nuances and self corrections that made enormous differences for me. I am really very grateful to the PN team. 

Laurie Riquelmy, CEO and Trainer

I am amazed that the course met every one of my conditions of satisfaction and more.  I am really surprised at the degree of freedom that I operate from now and the increased trust in myself.

Bettie Sprull, Owner and Coach

I highly recommend this program to other people. This is one of the most powerful and practical programs of learning I’ve ever participated in. Playing a multiplayer game as a focus of learning to coordinate and work with others was highly challenging and rewarding. I learned to build trust, assess commitments, performance and moods that led to greater accomplishments. Participating in this was a game changer.

Douglas Bissonette, Superintendent of Schools

Having spent more than 25 years in the field of training and education, both corporate and public K-12, I have never seen or participated in a learning experience more powerful than the WEST course.  The course has the ability to dramatically enhance the learners ability to produce meaningful results as a team member and as a team leader.  Not to mention, the course was great fun.  Douglas Bissonette, Superintendent of Schools 

Kathy Sobus, Senior Applications Consultant

I’ve have recently completed the WEST (Working Effectively in Small Teams) course.  I expected to learn more about connecting the world, working with people of different cultures, and deepening my knowledge about the interconnectedness of all people and necessity to work this way.  I expected to work in teams, honing leadership and teaming skills.  What I didn’t expect was learning more about myself and how I work in groups.  Through this class I’ve had the opportunity to explore different methods for leadership and being a good “follower”.  I’ve also been able to shift my mood from ones which were not healthy or productive, to ones that allow me to be at peace with my situation.  As a Business Consultant for a large, global high tech corporation, I find myself thrust into impromptu teams.  These teams are pulled together for a specific purpose even though at times the purpose and expectations are loosely defined.  With the learnings gained during the WEST Course, I have the ability to guide the conversation and teaming into a highly functioning entity. I recommend this class as an awakening for some who are seasoned in their practices and looking for other methods to excel.

David Shigekane, Vice-President

I was quite hesitant to enroll in Working Effectively in Small Teams, as I was a skeptic in how on - line gaming could really help me improve my leadership skills.  After speaking a few times with Gloria, I felt she was a person I could trust and learn from.   The course was intense, thought provoking and provided an incredible learning environment.  I found that I was able to “observe the observer” by using my avatar as an image of myself.

My course objective was to develop a new style of leadership.  My past behaviors were one of command and control.  I wanted to improve my relationship with my employees, drive better sales results and be more satisfied in my job.  So I took on the challenge of developing patience and allowing others to have the space to lead.   By creating an environment where many people can contribute to an initiative, I believed I would get better outcomes.  

The course consisted of weekly relevant reading material, on line game play, and a de-brief with our team and coach.   The coaches helped facilitate the discussion around what we observed about ourselves and others during the game.  The game and debriefs were the best part of the course.  It was during these exercises that I was able to see my blindness in how I was behaving and provided me the opportunity to improve in the next session.  I received valuable assessments from my team and coaches throughout the exercises.

It has been a few months since my class.    Several co-workers have made the assessment that I appear to be more relaxed and patient.  We recently were awarded a $12 million project and the lead architect thanked me for supporting and empowering him to put a winning presentation together.   

I have taken various leadership courses over the years.  What I found most valuable in Working Effectively in Small Teams was the theories were put into practice over a long duration. I believe this is the only way to change your behavior.

George West, Consultant, Executive Coach

There is no question that I would recommend this course as I don't see anyone coming away from this course without having learned and realizing that they are a different person. If you think you know how to lead small teams, or you want to learn, this is the course for you.  You will be surprised at your own reactions to this material and the quality and depth of relationships that can be developed in a short time when you are aware and begin to embody the distinctions this course presents.  It is also a lot of fun. 

Linda Gohlke, Esq., International and Commercial Transactions Lawyer

I absolutely would recommend this program to others and already have done so.  I say to others that working in teams in the course showed me a way to learn from and collaborate effectively with people that I didn't think possible in such a short time and to define and accomplish an individual and team mission.  I was surprised how the WoW game provided a context for learning from other team members as we played the game and just as if it was a real world experience.  Also it was great fun.

Dr. Cathleen M. Gould, M.D. Psychiatrist in Charge

As an inpatient doctor, I work in multidisciplinary teams to care for patients, and I work within that complex network of outpatient care providers, hospitals, private and public payers, regulatory agencies, and more, that comprise our American health care system.  The ability to collaborate effectively within teams and across departmental and institutional boundaries is fundamental to my work; my participation in this course has significantly advanced my ability to do this well. I recommend this course to any doctor - or to anyone that has to work in teams. 

Ed Falkowitz, Director Performance Assessment and Reporting.

I found the program extraordinarily valuable for improving the effectiveness of working with others and building teams. I have learned how to shape and manage morale so that people feel positive and eager toward their roles and the mission. The program allowed me to observe my leadership style, and in which cases it is effective, and where an alternate style might produce better results. I found the staff to be masters at their art and highly committed to participants’ success.

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