To flourish, even to participate in a meaningful way, in our world today requires the cultivation of a new kind of pluralism. This pluralism is a mindset that goes far beyond tolerating diversity, to actively engaging with others to articulate shared goals and commit to working together to achieve these. This new kind of pluralism requires a new skill set, a skill set that we call The Orchestration of Commitments in Pluralistic Networks.

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  • I participated in Fernando Flores's WEST program over the summer of 2011.  Through prior study, I had already become familiar with the distinctions taught regarding conversations for action, and had learned all of the theory and philosophy behind them.  However I assessed I had yet to embody this learning in a way that had me show up as an effective participant and leader of small teams.

  • I am CEO of a tech firm that grew this year from 100 to 200 employees.  Most of my senior team participated in Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST).  After the program, we are exchanging candid feedback more skillfully and with less hesitation.  Our conversations more often lead to concrete action.  We are moving faster together.  I think WEST has impacted our performance more than almost any other undertaking this year.  I have renewed confidence that my team can grow our business even faster.  

  • The WEST programme has changed my life. The coaches, the platform and the managerial philosophy combine in a unique way to create a learning experience that stands proud of conventional leadership/followership courses.

    I feel indebted to the coaches who provided timely wisdom and advice. I feel privileged to have had access to the simulated learning environment where I could test in real time the coaches' (and fellow programme participants') recommendations. My confidence built quickly in areas of weakness - to which I was previously blind.

  • All of the elements I expected going into the program were there.  The method of guided self-discovery used in the course is so much more powerful than transfer of cognitive information about what I ‘should’ be doing.   The program’s environment (course design, staff and team members) led to what felt like self discovered nuances and self corrections that made enormous differences for me. I am really very grateful to the PN team. 

  • The WEST program enabled me to learn skills that allow me to work more efficiently on global, remote and multidisciplinary teams by breaking down the barrier of language and culture.  I am now more able to generate open conversations within my teams, to create trust, and to build positive moods that help to achieve our goals more effectively.  And, I am having more fun.

  • I highly recommend this program to other people. This is one of the most powerful and practical programs of learning I’ve ever participated in. Playing a multiplayer game as a focus of learning to coordinate and work with others was highly challenging and rewarding. I learned to build trust, assess commitments, performance and moods that led to greater accomplishments. Participating in this was a game changer.

  • As an inpatient doctor, I work in multidisciplinary teams to care for patients, and I work within that complex network of outpatient care providers, hospitals, private and public payers, regulatory agencies, and more, that comprise our American health care system.  The ability to collaborate effectively within teams and across departmental and institutional boundaries is fundamental to my work; my participation in this course has significantly advanced my ability to do this well. I recommend this course to any doctor - or to anyone that has to work in teams. 

  • This workshop focused on what limits the ability of our small groups and on how we can go past those limitations. Ironically it used a computer game based on fantasy to ground team interactions in reality. The real parts were the interactions of the team members: ineffective behavior was exposed, constructive and even inspired interactions were highlighted, captured, and discussed. The workshop brought about a transformation in the way my classmates and I approached small teams. You should give it a try — seriously (and playfully).

  • Having spent more than 25 years in the field of training and education, both corporate and public K-12, I have never seen or participated in a learning experience more powerful than the WEST course.  The course has the ability to dramatically enhance the learners ability to produce meaningful results as a team member and as a team leader.  Not to mention, the course was great fun.  Douglas Bissonette, Superintendent of Schools 

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