Michele Gazzolo, Writer, Investor, Community Activist

I am a mother, writer, investor and community activist. The WEST course has fundamentally changed how I live my life. Armed with a new understanding of teams and myself as a leader, a renewed sense of play and an ambition to hone basic skills, I am able to assess new situations with confidence and ease. I can figure out what is missing, with whom I need to confer and what I may not know. I am unfazed. If I want to embark on a project or learn something new, I first consider whom I would like to invite on the adventure. I invite people every day the time to speculate, build, discover, and figure out what is puzzling us. Out of these new practices my life is becoming richer, the puzzles less daunting, the pervasive mood one of joy and adventure. Thank you, WEST team.

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