Our Mission

The internet confronts us with a plurality of values at a level of immediacy unimaginable to previous generations. At work, at play and at home, we are unavoidably connected to people from all over the world. In organizations large and small, project teams are increasingly virtual, consisting of people based in dispersed geographical locations, from different cultural backgrounds and value systems. To flourish, even to participate in a meaningful way, in our world today requires the cultivation of a new kind of pluralism. This pluralism is a mindset that goes far beyond tolerating diversity, to actively engaging with others to articulate shared goals and commit to working together to achieve these. This new kind of pluralism requires a new skill set, a skill set that we call The Orchestration of Commitments in Pluralistic Networks. This skill set includes the ability to:

  • 1. Make and coordinate our commitments.
  • 2. Build trust 
  • 3. Listen to concerns and make offers that add value to others.
  • 4. Observe and manage underlying moods that may help or hinder the ability to act with and listen to others.
  • 5. Respect people’s differences while building strong, effective teams.
  • 6. Cope with change and disturbances on an ongoing basis as a routine part of life.
  • Pluralistic Networks’ mission is three-fold:

  • 1. Harness the power of the World Wide Web and the immersive experience of multi-player online games to bring the accelerated learning of this skill set to a global audience, at a fraction of the cost and time commitment of a major consulting engagement.
  • 2. Work with individuals and organizations to increase their individual and team effectiveness by cultivating this new skill set and producing the results they commit to produce.
  • 3. Cultivate Pluralistic Networks -- networks where people recognize, respect and value each other’s different backgrounds, concerns and beliefs, and actively engage with each other to learn together, build common goals, and produce value.
  • We look forward to working and playing with you! (Click here to learn more)

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