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Work Effectively in Small Teams
As teams become more virtual, distributed and diverse, our ability to build trust, coordinate, and communicate with each other becomes both more essential and more difficult. Our program, Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST), helps teams rapidly develop skills they need to be effective through on-line training, virtual learning labs, and on-demand guides. Learn about WEST

Why didn't we get this course earlier in our careers?

Sue Higgins
Commander, US Navy (Retired)

This has been one of the most impactful courses of study I have ever had the opportunity to participate in.

Paul Adams
Lead Financial Advisor

WEST blows away the team retreat or the ropes course. It is the most effective program I've found to make lasting improvements to an executive's leadership skills, particularly in a diverse, distributed and fast-changing workplace.

Dan Hoffman
A new orientation to building customer relationships
Basic Skills for Navigating Moods
We are living through a historic period of what feels like unprecedented uncertainty. In moments like this, restrictive moods and emotions can trap us in interpretations of the world that limit our ability to see possibilities.

Our Navigating Moods (NM) Certification program is an opportunity for coaches – and subsequently their client(s) – to learn how to better navigate these moods and emotions.  Learn more about the NM certification
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An on-demand guide to help recognize and cultivate effective moods in teams.
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