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Work Effectively in Small Teams
As teams become more virtual, distributed and diverse, our ability to build trust, coordinate, and communicate with each other becomes both more essential and more difficult. Our program, Working Effectively in Small Teams (WEST), helps teams rapidly develop skills they need to be effective, through on-line training, virtual learning labs, and on-demand guides. Learn about WEST
Here's what some of our customers have written to us:
I have never seen or participated in a learning experience more powerful than the WEST course.

Superintendet of Schools
I am now more able to generate open conversations within my teams, to create trust, and to build positive moods that help to achieve our goals more effectively..

Business Director, Country Manager
I think WEST has impacted our performance more than almost any other undertaking this year.

If you think you know how to lead small teams, or you want to learn, this is the course for you.

Executive Coach
I recommend this course to any doctor - or to anyone that has to work in teams..

Hospital Administrator
In the end, the knowledge takeaway on myself as well as leadership/coordinating action, was worth every cent and time invested.

Founder, CEO (and former NFL player)
A new orientation to building customer relationships
Ambassador of Possibilities
Sales professionals and account managers are too often consumed by closing this quarter’s deal or resolving an urgent customer issue. Trapped in these urgencies, building trusting and expansive relationships with their customers falls to the wayside.

Our program, Ambassador of Possibilities (AoP), teaches sales professionals and account managers the skills they need to listen expansively for concerns, build and restore trust, and cultivate moods that open possibilities for their customers. Learn about AoP
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