Ambassador of Possibilities
A New Orientation to Sales
We live in a world of endless possibilities, although it doesn’t always feel that way. Too often do we fail to see all of the emerging possibilities around us until it is too late.

An Ambassador of Possibilities™ is someone who is able to expand their ability to discover new possibilities for themselves and others. He or she actively cultivates his or her mood to be in a mood of exploration regarding the future; he or she is someone who is engaged in conversations about the future, and brings his or her clients to participate in those conversations.

How can we cultivate ourselves as a source of possibilities and offers for others? This question is not only relevant for salespeople, but for any person who wants to make successful offers that add value to others. In essence, selling is not just about closing on one transaction; it is about opening new possibilities for people in a relationship of care.

To become an Ambassador of Possibilities™, we must develop certain fundamental skills: The ability to listen expansively for concerns and possibilities, the ability to build trustworthy relationships, the ability to make and listen to assessments on a timely basis, the ability to navigate away from moods that restrict us and/or our clients, and to cultivate moods that open possibilities instead. In contrast to a person that is oriented to deal with immediate breakdowns or to solve existing problems, an Ambassador of Possibilities is distinguished by a certain kind of sensibility—a sensibility for the emerging future and how this shows up as new possibilities for their clients.
The AoP solution
Learning these skills takes time and immersive practice, along with guided reflection and observation. Just like you can’t learn to play an instrument by memorizing an instruction book, these skills cannot be learned simply by following rules, instructions or techniques, or by simply attending a workshop. The Ambassador of Possibilities program is designed to develop these skills over a course of 5 months, with weekly practice and discussions.
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