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An on-demand guide to help you to recognize, reflect and cultivate effective moods in teams.
Effective collaboration, and our well-being, require that we learn to recognize our moods and not be trapped in moods that hinder taking care of what is important to us. Mood Navigator is an application that acts as your on-demand guide for recognizing, reflecting upon, and effectively navigating moods in teams.

Navigating moods
We can’t control our moods, but if we take them seriously, we can learn to navigate them. Instead of ignoring our moods, we can learn to listen to moods that may be in the background, for ourselves and for others, and to reflect upon what they are saying to us.

Based on data from thousands of conversations with hundreds of teams, the Mood Navigator provides a structured guide for navigating the moods that frequently show up in teams. Mood Navigator is designed to help people identify these moods and take action, ultimately helping us to navigate away from negative moods and towards expansive ones instead.
Why moods matter in teams
When we work with others, we inevitably find ourselves in a variety of moods. Trust and Distrust. Ambition and Resignation. Confidence and Insecurity. Anxiety and Serenity. Just to name a few.
Some moods predispose us to collaborate and to co-invent with members of our teams; others don’t. They may prompt us to disengage instead. Working well with others, then, requires that we learn to navigate away from moods that limit collaboration and innovation, and instead move towards moods that foster those goals.
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The Mood Navigator application is available to participants in the Working Effectively in Small Teams  program.
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