Introducing WEST, the most transformative team-building + upskilling experience for you and your team.
Working from home
The Working Effectively in Small Teams program is a remote (yet immersive) learning experience designed for mid to senior level managers and their teams.
Unfortunately, training programs that actually help you to work successfully with others are rare. We know from experience that a typical team-building workshop seldom produces lasting improvement in skills or practices – but WEST is not your typical team-building workshop.
Over the course of 12 weeks, WEST participants can expect to boost productivity, expand communication, and cultivate trust in one another as they learn, practice, and play together.
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Here's what WEST alumni are saying about WEST:

Having spent more than 25 years in the field of training and education, both corporate and public K-12, I have never seen or participated in a learning experience more powerful than [this] course. The course has the ability to dramatically enhance the learner’s ability to produce meaningful results as a team member and as a team leader. Not to mention, the course was great fun.

Douglas Bissonette
Superintendent of Schools

WEST is a game changer. [Throughout] the program, you deal with committed professionals from the Pluralistic team that can guide you through the symbolic dungeons on your quest to 'learn to learn' and 'trust to trust.'”

Rossana Fuentes-Berain
Journalist, Professor, and former World Economic Forum fellow

The ability to collaborate effectively within teams and across departmental and institutional boundaries is fundamental to my work; my participation in this course has significantly advanced my ability to do this well. I recommend this course to any doctor - or to anyone that has to work in teams.

Dr. Cathleen M. Gould
Psychiatrist in Charge

There is no question that I would recommend this course as I don't see anyone coming away from this course without having learned and realizing that they are a different person. If you think you know how to lead small teams, or you want to learn, this is the course for you.

George West
Executive Coach

This is a fantastic course that has changed how I lead and the results I’m getting as a leader as well as how I engage with my family, community and world. My only regret is not having done it sooner.

Laura Buska
Director (Delivery Management), Microsoft

In the beginning, it was humbling and painful. In the end, the knowledge takeaway on myself, as well as on leadership/coordinating action, was worth every cent and time invested.

Eric Williams
Founder, CEO (and former NFL player)
Frequently asked questions
Can I take this course as an individual, or do I have to enroll with a team?
Either works! If you do choose to enroll as an individual, you will be assigned to a team.

What kind of time commitment does this does this course require?
At a minimum, course participants can expect to spend 2 hours per week doing team exercises and virtual labs. In addition, participants are expected to read, watch short videos and spend a little time reflecting on their learning. In general, students spend an average of 2 - 3 hours a week doing these additional activities. Finally, participants can expect to meet with a course instructor three times during the course (or more if they request to do so).

WEST was designed with the full-time professional in mind, so we recognize that schedules can be tight and certain accommodations will have to be made. That being said, this course is definitely an instance of “you get what you give.”

Will my employer reimburse me for the cost of this course?
While we can’t make any guarantees, we have seen many past participants receive at least partial reimbursement through their employer. We’re happy to provide you with any material you may need (i.e. receipts, coursework, schedules) to facilitate the reimbursement process.

Are there discount tiers available for larger teams?
Absolutely! We offer discount tiers for larger groups. If you think your team may qualify, please get in touch with us.

I’m an executive coach with corporate clients; can I deliver the WEST to my customers?
Yes – the Pluralistic team can train and certify you as an Effective Team Facilitator, after which you can include the WEST course as part of your offers. For more information on certification, please contact us.

Is WEST open to university students?
While this course is recommended for working professionals, we do collaborate with universities to offer WEST to their students. In the past, a version of WEST has been offered both as a standalone, for credit course and as an add-on to a preexisting course. For more information on our work with universities, please contact us.

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